Create your own Fragrance Box

Minimum 2 sticks

Starting at $4.99
per stick

Embrace the Night Naturally: When counting sheep fails, the Blue Sleep Stick ensures you get your nightly escape.
Your Daily Dose of Downtime: Stressed ? Overwhelmed ? The Green Relax Stick is your fast track to feeling serene & centered.
Empower Your Defense: The Pink Immune System Stick is your trusty sidekick, reinforcing your body's natural barrier.
Boosted Brainpower, Pocket-Sized: With the Orange Focus Stick, dive deep into any project with nature directly by your side
Your Natural Jumpstart: Forget caffeine. The Red Energy Stick is your aromatic alarm, kickstarting your day with nature's finesse.
Just Breathe Easy: Forget the complicated stuff. Our Yellow Breathe Stick is your pocket-sized ticket to a nice, clean breath.